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Welcome to Didier PH Martin Pages.

I have not updated this page since a long long time ago. Since then a lot of thing happened. In addition to organic chemistry, bio-math, and as several people know, my interest in the SGML and XML technologies that came at first from ChemML, I came back to my first field of interest: biology and organic chemistry. In the process, I came back to school to learn more about the biology of cancer.

I am doing some long term research on nutritional oncology and more specifically on lipids and signalling. This is a long and difficult process. My actual model is imperfect and I still need to update it until it conforms to the lab results. I am following and documenting some cases of cancer remission with high dosages of DHA. I am puzzled by the results but facts are facts. Thus, I am working on my paper to be published hopefully at the end of next year or the other one because I have to count the time it takes for the peer review. I am a bit rusty on this side and I get great coaching from some friends at ISSFAL.

I also recently started to do documentaries and TV series about science. In last spring and in the last summer I had one of my mini-series on Vitamin D broadcasted on "Canal Savoir" (the Knowledge Channel) for health practitioners.

But even if research in the field of cancer biology is a great challenge and my will to help others after Edith's diagnosis stronger than ever, helping others can be so ungrateful as I learned it the hard way. I learned that some people do not want to be informed and they just want to follow blindly the authorities without questioning. They are so blind that they prefer to follow overworked, overbooked authorities having barely the time to read newspaper and being not aware of the current science's state of the art instead of learning from real science and rational thinking. A classical example of blinds leading blinds. This is why, I guess,  in North America obesity and chronic disease is increasing. Are vested interest behind these people? who knows? This is why, more and more, to prevent myself from burnout, I do travel films. Fun to do, people like it and a real joy to discover new places.

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